Infor SunSystems

The best in class enterprise financial management solution that adapts to your business needs.

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Turn financial information to actionable insights

Infor SunSystems is a comprehensive, global financial management system that includes general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, financial reporting, and operational reporting and analysis. It also handles fixed assets, allocations, budget management, and related business functions required by finance organizations. 

With more than 30 years of experience built in, Infor SunSystems helped thousands of businesses solve the problems they face every day. Infor’s unmatched support and industry-specific expertise can make the difference for global organizations that want to stay on top of local jurisdictional reporting and taxation requirements while reducing risk, lowering costs, and reaching top financial performance.

SunSystems can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud, securely hosted in a dedicated environment as a fully managed service with a single point of contact.

Leverage one solution for all your needs

Simplify system management, streamline processes, and make your business less complex with one solution that brings everything together across different sites, countries, business units, companies, and corporate offices—and is flexible enough to handle their varying requirements.

Financial Management

Get immediate access to all finance and accounting information so you can make fast and effective decisions about all aspects of financial management, including nominal ledgers, payable and receivable ledgers, consolidation, corporate allocations, multiple currencies, dual-base currencies, fixed assets, and debtor management.

Purchase Management

Improve efficiency and reduce costs by being able to maintain tight oversight over the purchasing activities over large numbers of employees with robust spending control and management capabilities.

Performance Management

Turn data into meaningful information, and then deliver it to the right people, in the right format, at the right time. With Infor SunSystems, you can streamline consolidation, reporting, and analysis of data from third-party organizations and legacy applications, and gain insight into every aspect of your business that matters to you.

Order Management

With Infor SunSystems, you can take complete control of your sales, purchasing, and inventory management, and seamlessly integrate your operations with your partners and customers.

Unique Capabilities

Infor SunSystems combines technological innovation and usability with a depth of functionality achieved through decades of practical application. Delivering real-time financial, operational, and reporting analysis, it's a comprehensive, global financial management system with unparalleled adaptability—delivered at an extremely competitive cost of ownership.

Powerful, user-friendly reporting

Gain actionable insights with in-context analysis and Business Intelligence that complements core reporting data. Drill back to source transactions and take immediate action directly from queries.

Highly Configurable

Integrate seamlessly with existing systems and configure statutory and management reporting requirements at every level of your organisation.

Flexibility to grow—anywhere

Manage complex international financial management requirements and business changes, with localized support for regional reporting regulations. Select from flexible deployment options to align with new growth strategies.